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Lauren Has Shifted


Duelist Showdown June 13th

Deck Used: Black Feather

3-Round Swiss

Match 1: Lauren VS Jonas (Not The Jurong Player) OO


Match 2: Lauren VS Zack (Quickdraw Plants) OXO

Game 1: He had a bad hand with 3 Raigeki Breaks, so I just attack him with my Black Feathers.
Game 2: Drew 2 D.D. Crows, but there was no use for them and I got beaten by Tytannial.
Game 3: Drew 2 D.D Crows again, but this time I used one of them to RFP his Dandylion and the other to stop his Pot Of Avarice.

Top 16 Single Elimination

Match 3: Lauren VS Justin (Twilight Beat) XOO - The guy who won the Duel Disk.
Game 1: I Icarus Attack into his Starlight Road and it went downhill from there.
Game 2: Summoned Sirroco and destroyed his Raiou and Shura with it, with Icarus attack backing me up.
Game 3: I used Heavy Storm while I had a face-up Royal Oppression and he tried to counter with Starlight Road but he did'nt know that Royal Oppression can negate Starlight Road.

Top 8 Single Elimination

Match 4: Lauren VS Jeric (BF) XOO
Game 1: I can't remember how he won.
Game 2: I can't remember what happened here too.
Game 3: I controlled him with Raiou and won.

Top 4 Single Elimination

Match 5: Lauren VS Chard (Only Richard's Gun without TRISHULA) XOX
Game 1: He did the Asia Format Infernity OTK on me.
Game 2: I controlled him with Raiou.
Game 3: He went first and tried setting up by using up all his cards, He ended up with quite a strong field of Synchro Monsters including Stardust Dragon. There was nothing I could really do, so I summoned Shura and attacked into his Gaia, Force Of The Earth with Book Of Moon, searched out Gale and Synchro Summoned Armor Master . Suprisingly the Armor Master saved me for a turn, and when it died to his Infernity Death Dragon he summoned next turn, I topdecked into Dark Armed Dragon with 3 Dark Monsters in my Graveyard (Shura, Gale and Armor Master), destroyed his Stardust Dragon by attacking with Dark Armed Dragon and proceeded to destroy his other 3 Monster Cards with Dark Armed Dragon's Effect, I also summon Raiou to control him further. Next turn he top decked Infernity Necromancer, reviving his Infernity Death Dragon and destroying my Dark Armed Dragon with its Effect. I could not do much with my whole hand of monsters and died.

Notes: Infernity is still very strong even without Trishula.

Battle for 3rd Place: Lauren VS Baha 
We decided to share the Yusei Duelist Pack 2 Box, we randomly picked 2 foils each from the box, He got Junk Archer and another card, while I get Scrubbed Raid and the other Trap Card. I took 6 of the other packs while he took 5.

The eventual winner for this tournament was Chard who won Starsky in the Finals.

So I playtested a little after the tourney, and rushed home to send Konami an email on the changes in my deck (Finally decided the last 3 cards to put in my side deck thanks to Chard lol)

Bishan Tourney + Khatib Tourney 15/5

Bishan Tourney

Match 1 : VS Junyong XOO

Round 1 : Forgot how i lost... but Lightbeat lost to Synchro Cat in 1st round is so FAIL !
Round 2 : He left 400, Flambell Magician whack into my Honest and died
Round 3 : Same senario but he nvr die... But died shortly after tat

Match 2 : BYE ~

Woot, got a bye and went up to top 4

Watch how Gary emerge as the survivor out of 4 ppl.
Shared the prizes wif Bryan (Ball-Snow), Gary and Shelton.
WTF !!! The Box got HOLO, Pot of Greederosity, Effect Veiler , Scrap Dragon !!!!!!!!
The following is wad they got...
Gary - Holo, 3d Bicorn, Elechimaera
Bryan - Pot of Greederosity and Ultimate Psychicker, gave the Psychicker to Shelton due to him having no foils... *Why everyone like to give away Psychicker*
Shelton - No foil, received Psychicker from Bryan, took the Starter Deck 2010
Me - Effect Veiler, Scrap Dragon and took the Fallen Angel Asmodeus

Khatib Tourney

Match 1 : VS Goulian OO

Round 1 : Beatdown him to death
Round 2 : Same thing.

Match 2 : VS Blastoise XX

Round 1 : Forgot wad happened
Round 2 : Forgot wad happened....

Match 3 : VS GG * Forgot score but i won *

Match 4 : VS myULTIMATE XX

Round 1 : Died due to no monsters
Round 2 : Died due to no monsters again zzz

Got Avenging Knight Parshath and requested to change to Smashing Ground. At least Smashing Ground is more useful den Avenging Knight Parshath .

Bishan Tourney 8/5

Deck Used : Lightbeat
No. of Participants : 10

Match 1 : VS ??? OO-

Round 1 : Raioh, raioh and more raioh !
Round 2 : Holy light, raioh and more of those 2 !

Match 2 : VS Clarence OXO

Round 1 : Forgot how i won lol
Round 2 : Forgot how i lost x.x
Round 3 : Forgot how i won -.-

Me and Sam were aiming for the box and the other guy wanted sin red eyes, so we let him take the sin red eyes and we fight for the 1st and 3rd placing.

Match 3 : VS Sam XOX

Round 1 : He controlled me
Round 2 : I controlled him
Round 3 : He controlled me back x.x

Got 3rd and received Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites...
Why i keep getting Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites =.=